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Summer Arts School

Summer Arts School: Programme Structure

The London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) Summer Programme will provide a memorable educational experience for international students. It is taught by experienced industry experts and professionals in the cultural centre of London.

With a diverse structure of programmes, we offer an engaging learning process with a unique opportunity to 'fall in love' with London – one of the world's most vibrant and dynamic cities. Be part of exciting and diverse theatre, music, architecture and above all, fashion.

LCCA Summer Programme welcomes you to experience and learn what you really love.


At LCCA (London College of Contemporary Arts) we want to make sure every student has the chance to experience our unique art programmes so all students who enrol before 30th June on our Summer Art School programmes in Fashion, Design, Architecture, Photography, Event Planning and Entrepreneurship – benefit from the following 3promotions.




All Packages Include

2 weeks course


  • Tuition
  • Accommodation at host family, HB, single (Breakfast and Dinner inclusive) zones 3-4
  • Airport transfer , return, any London airport
  • Social programme


3 weeks course


4 weeks course




The course is for students 16+ with IELTS 5.0 or equivalent (for EU students we can also accept our internal level test). 

British Fashion and Culture

This course looks at significant trends in contemporary British fashion, from the 70s punk culture to fashion in Britain today. You will take guided tours of London’s fashion district, visit galleries, see the latest catwalk shows and gain insight into the trends for SS14 at an industry buying event*.

Through individual research and group discussions you will work on creating your own portfolio of mood boards, sketchbooks and images which you can use in future projects or keep as memorabilia of your visit to this wonderful city. At the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of how fashion business operates and will receive career guidance and advice.

Design and Architecture in London

Experience eye-opening and challenging work through engaging walking lectures. These will cover both British and international creators, as well as examples of 20th century work that define the context for contemporary art.

The course explains the methods and ideas used in creating key works or spaces, alongside exploring important issues and questions. This will help you to understand their significance in relation to architectural trends of the past and future.

Street Photography

During this course you will explore the history of street photography, starting with an introduction into the pinhole camera and how a camera works. You will then learn photographic techniques and how to work to a brief. This will be complemented with field’s trips allowing you to develop composition and practice your skills.

Exploring locations such as Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane, you will focus on topics such as urban landscapes, portraiture and street photography. You will also have the chance to experience visiting photographic exhibitions around London.

Event Management and Entrepreneurial Skills

This course is built around a week of talks, visits and workshops which will look at how to launch and promote new ideas and concepts, wherever your creative ambition lies. You will explore the internationally influential British entrepreneurial spirit in the arts and design, looking at YBAs in the art world through to the successful design culture foregrounded at the London Design Festival.

Talks will discuss how events can be enhanced in different ways though media, music and mise-en-scene, with examples from fashion catwalks to product launches. The workshops will provide step-by-step tuition from the planning process through to the launch of your work. You will understand how to prepare space, present displays and manage hospitality, safety and entertainment. The use of social and digital media for advertising and enriching the experience will also be explored.

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